Its portable, super small, quiet and you can wind a ball from any point. They’re a great alternative to hand-winding yarn, and contrary to popular belief, aren’t terribly expensive. Winding yarn using a swift and ball winder. Simple to use and doesn’t require much assembly. No more run away yarn, and no fancy winder needed! To wind your cake you are going to need a ball winder. Voila. Using an Amish swift together with a ball winder is a quick way to turn skeins of yarn into balls. Remove the Yarn Ball from the Yarn Winder . 9. You will find all kinds of way to put your yarn to good use! Once wound into a ball, place into a yarn bowl to keep it from rolling all … Gently tug on the tail and and you are ready to get started on your project. Center-pull balls of yarn are convenient to use and to store, and are perfectly easy to make! A handy-dandy center pull ball. A ball winder* is a handy device that allows you to make neat center-pull yarn balls (also called ‘cakes’). Tags: about yarn, knit Ball winders can quickly transform hanks of yarn into a center pull ball of yarn that is easy to knit from and won’t tangle. 10. A swift can spin by itself, and it works as a holder for yarn loops. Nancy’s Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder – Best Heavy Use 16 Ounce Wooden Yarn Winder This winder is heavy duty and can wind up to one pound of yarn (16 oz) at a time. My absolute favorite ball winder is the Stanwood Needlecraft Hand-Operated Yarn Ball Winder. These days, much of the yarn available at major chain craft … A few years ago, I got an Amish yarn swift and a ball winder to wind my skeins of yarn into balls. If your yarn comes in a hank, though, you need to use the ball winder with a swift. So, I use this simple method to wind up my yarn by hand. They clamp onto the table surface and have a center spool that holds the yarn. The process of winding a skein into a ball from a hank can be a mindless but enjoyable task, allowing you to get a good feel for the yarn between your fingers before embarking on your project. For an outer-pull yarn ball, on the other hand, you have to put the thumb of your hand on the top of the yarm that is coming from the middle of the yarn, and gently ease it off the yarn ball. I got it from my sister and it is amazing. Most yarn winders are hand-cranked, allowing you to control the speed. Learn how to wind yarn into a ball super quickly and easily with a yarn winder and yarn swift. Rest assured: if you can wind yarn into a regular wrapped ball, you have all the skills it takes to make a center-pull ball. Use this one trick to keep your yarn safe and tidy in storage, and stop it from bouncing all over the floor as you work! When you are done with winding the yarn, gently remove it from the yarn winder, and start on the next one. If you want inspiration on ways to use your newly wound yarn, visit the pattern page. If you’re winding a center-pull skein into a ball, you don’t need to use a yarn swift. A yarn ball winder is a rotator, and it is used to wrap yarn around the core and form a center pull ball. Yarn winders do the work of winding the yarn into a center-pull ball. And not to be overly dramatic, but it was life-changing. You can buy these tools from local yarn stores or … How to Wind a Center-Pull Ball of Yarn by Hand: I love the convenience of a center-pull ball of yarn as you're knitting or crocheting, but don't have a handy-dandy ball winder to make that happen. You thread the yarn through one or more yarn guides that place the yarn in the right position to roll onto the spool.

how to wind yarn with ball winder

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