Taylor Builder’s Edition V-Class K14CE :- Best Acoustic Guitar. Sign in to see your saved items. to guide you through your entire shopping experience. I think your answer will come down to which guitar feels better to you, and which one sound better for your most common use scenario. Understanding the Yamaha A-Series Naming System. However, Yamaha also offers several different models of quality acoustic bodies to provide the best in tonewoods and playability. and do a lot of personal testing. This guitar, like most Yamaha acoustic-electric guitars, comes equipped with Yamaha's SRT under saddle piezo. I love Indonesian guitars, so that's not a dealbreaker. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Yamaha Electric Guitars at Guitar Center. Sorry to hear about the financial crisis. I have never played Yamaha's before, but I did like an Eastman SS dread that I tried a couple years ago. In Canada in order to get solid back and sides you looking at 2300.00 cdn. A Simple Summary Table of all Yamaha A-Series acoustic electric guitars, Having reviews all of the SRT technologies and the 8 different model choices, our top 2 picks of all 8 Yamaha A-Series are, Some closing thoughts, summary and comparison to other leading brands. I have this narrowed down between the A3R and the Takamine ES341SC, which although normally more expensive than the Yamaha is on sale for the same price now. The battery box started rattling. I have updated the review above to show the complete details of the SRT original preamp with mic modeling and the SRT 2 system (4 knobs). There is no mic in it. Thanks John F- I really do not know. Aaron. Solid (non-laminated) Rosewood back and sides, Dreadnought Body Size (most universal, full size acousic body), Concert Body Size (not as large as the Dreadnought, but a full size guitar that can carry any gig as well), Hardshell case (comes standard with all of them). The Yamaha NTX models (NTX1, NTX3 and NTX5) were designed to make it easy for electric and steel-string acoustic guitar players to add the warmth and … Now if they'd just make a 12 string silent I'd be completely set. These are a bit trick to find so I'll post what I found here: The body Depth (front to back) of all the full dreadnought models (without the "C") slope from 100 to 118 MM. Maybe you could do a review on the new series. Thanks again for posting - Aaron. I wonder if its possible to buy The SRT System without the guitar and if there is a nylon guitar with the SRT pickup system. hint hint Anyways I happened on the A3 series at a local vendor and was really blown away with the quality of workmanship, the way it played like butter, and the overall tone. It help me a lot in my decision to buy this guitar. Yamaha are missing a trick or two on their marketing! Call or Chat for expert advice and to hear the latest deals. By the way, it's also one beautiful guitar. I got a case with mine that fits well ..... Stagg model GC3A. The Yamaha A-Series Acoustic-Electric Guitars, Yamaha A3 and AC3 -Series with S.R.T. If you have ever been in the middle of a performance and began to lose tuning of a string or two, you may have had the annoying or even embarassing realization that your music was beginning to go sour beyond your ability to quickly fix it. 2. Hope this helps. That said, although I've played piano and keyboards for decades I'm newer to the guitar so "ease to play" is the second most important criteria. The profile is also fairly slim, and there’s a cutaway to offer easier access to the upper frets. However I do have a few "concerns" about the quality of construction. Now through your review I have learned that the new SRT system is actually mic simulation and not an actual mic in conjunction with the piezo pickup. Aaron. Agreed that they Yamaha Silent guitars are pretty awesome too, but being that they are not true acoustic guitars, that might steer a few people away, those who want the sound and feel of real tonewoods. I actually bought the Yamaha A3CR and love it! (ALSO in the original SRT pickup), Knob (B): Treble Control Level adjustments for the high frequency (treble) range. It also sounds great plugged in! amplified, and played with a full band. Taylor K14ce … I do not play in public very much so this would be primarily for in-home use. Aaron, Thank you so much for all the helpful information. The Pacifica PAC12 Electric Guitar by Yamaha: Professional Quality at an Entry-Level Price The Pacifica PAC12 Guitar at a glance: Yamaha’s Pacifica PAC12 Electric Guitar. My rate is 10 over 10. I have read so many, many reviews on guitars. It's brighter than my Martin 17M (but not as bright as a Taylor), and more condusive to singing along with (because I understand that it's not competing with your voice at the same frequencies). The "R" stands for Rosewood and the "M" Stands for Mahogany, but look closely. How would you compare the neck width and thickness compared to your Eastman? AGAIN THANKS !!!! Thanks again for sharing your experience. you wrote a good article on the a series a few years ago.....email me at (removed to protect user's email) if you can,,,my names is paul b...thanks. The Takamine has a cedar top and maple sides and back, which will give you a unique combination of mellow, lush response from the cedar top with more projection in the mid to high EQ range for a guitar. Wow, what a great review. Our round-up of the best acoustic guitars applies to beginner, intermediate and pro acoustic guitarists alike, and spans a range of budgets too. When I discovered this line from Yamaha, I jumped into it because of 3 great things, 1)price range, 2)quality of construction and the Rosewood option 3)and the on-board microphone blender in the SRT (studio response technology). However, if you mic these in a studio, you should pick up the same differences you would with your ear, or when the guitar is unplugged / acoustic. There was a young man who come to the store looking for a Taylor, but after playing my A3R he's now a believer. New guitarists seeking an affordable acoustic-electric guitar to start practicing on can check out the Yamaha FGX820C. *There are even some errors on the Official Yamaha guitar site that are cleared up (below) in this review. Perfect sound frequency makes perfect sounds and thus the player can feel the notes and it helps the player to differentiate among the seven notes of music. As you can probably believe, it is difficult to keep up with all the advancements these companies are continuing to push in their guitars. With 1 push of the A.F.R. After all, these Yamaha A Series guitars get nearly 5 stars from hundreds of other reviews so they are bound to have a 1 to 2% margin for products that need slight adjustment. I think there must be a Yamaha case made specifically for the AC3R. Michael, thanks for sharing your personal experience on this guitar! Thank you Steve for providing this information. My mind is made up EXCEPT ONE SMALL ISSUE! Everyone around me came over to listen. world. With lamintated sides and back (cheaper A-1 series), the tonewood difference is not as noticeable in the sound, and affects the color and visual appeal moreso than the sound. Some professional guitar players may actually prefer one wood over the other, but for most players, it does not have an affect other than color preference. One thing I have also done in the past is take out the saddle and sanded the bottom side of the saddle down to adjust string height if I wanted the action a bit lower, but you have to be careful not to sand it too much for string buzz issues too. Yet I have the following observations about the construction of the guitar. I led him to another guitar in the same price range that was at least 3 times better quality! Heowever, any time you have a pickup installed, it can affect the sound profile a bit, but as long as you do not have a pre-amp installed in the side of the guitar, but have them place a blender (microphone in the soundhole) with an under-the-saddle style piezo type pickup, then they usually have a dial (like the old Fishman blender) where you can adjust the gain blend from the 2 pickups to get your desired sound profile. Our Gear Advisers are available Find answers at our, About Thanks for the response Dromadamusic - Stop back some time and let us all know how it goes after some time on the road. An all solid with wood bibding at this price? Please read through my 2 part article on "how to choose a guitar amp part 1" and "how to choose a guitar amp part 2". About StrumViews.com  l  Affiliate Disclosure  l  Privacy Policy  l  Contact  l  TOS  I  Warranties. Read more other reviews about the Yamaha A-Series Acoustic Electric Guitar here. . What I would recommend is buying one off of Amazon.com here, and then if you have issues, just return it and get another. I was so impressed that I am trying to get a local dealer to get a Yamaha A3R in so that I can actually put my hands on it. Don. I would recommend that if anyone did buy a guitar of this price range and found some noticeable manufacturing blemishes that were obviously in the craftsmanship, send it back and get a refund. Thanks for seeing the missing info, Rick! Hi Paul and Jerry- It looks like they are phasing the old SRT blender out in the Yamaha A3, and calling the new SRT in the Yamaha A1 series simply the SRT piezo. If you prefer the reddish brown, lighter color, then the "M" or Mahogany might be for you. One-piece Maple neck is oil-finished for better comfort. I purchased this guitar without even seeing it as the vintage sunburst AC3Rs are very scarce in Canada right now (apparently these models are currently back-ordered until May/Jun 2015). Gave the truss rod a tweak for more bow. I have not but might do so in the future. Do you or anyone out there know the dimensions (i.e. From what I understand, the SRT pickup system is still only available in 4 models, A3R, A3M, A3CR, and A3CM. This can clearly be seen in the paperwork that comes with the guitars (in fact: chinese-made, not USA) and also if you pull out the electronics (was necessary for a repair in my guitar). I'll get the other dimensions posted here once I hear back. If you are looking to preserve the true acoustic sound of the gutiar when pluggin in or recording through the on-board pickup, you will be disappointed with any of the A1 series (A1M, A1R, AC1M, or AC1R) because of this distinct diffference. It sounds spectacular, easy to play and learn on.. Been playing for a month and already have two songs memorized of my own choice and taste. Get our email newsletter! Thanks Aaron and happy St Patrick's Day (almost!). Just try one of these guitars and you will not play anything else. It all started years ago when a friend of mine was going to invest $1200 in an acoustic and he almost bought an poorly crafted guitar simply because it had the Gibson name on it. Basically I love the body depth of a CPX series and that it actually has an adjustable mic on the CPX1500 with the old version of the SRT. However, since you already have a "heart" for the Takamine, I would not want to steer you away from it as you will not be disappointed in that decision at the lower price point. Knowing that Yamaha has pretty much always been rather good quality I trusted my instinct and bought this guitar.. (ALSO in the original SRT pickup). Rig Rundowns. Greetings from Malaga - Spain. I no longer had any acoustics left so I started researching some Mid-Lines, ie, MIM Fenders, MIM Used Martins and Yamahas (of which I had absolutely no knowledge!) Made from Planet Waves Duralin, this ultra-durable material delivers strength, resilience, and resists abrasion while providing balanced tone with a bright attack. I would not steer you away from a guitar that you have been really desiring and have now found affordable for your specific budget. This A3R is also better (in my opinion) than any model that Taylor, Martin, Takamine, or any of the other leading guitar manufacturers are currently producing in the "Under $1000" line because the others are using lamintated tonewoods and inferior onboard electronics. Yamaha NTX700 Review. A regular "piezo-only" pickup cannot capture the true acoustic guitar sound like this SRT. Hope this helps! Allowed HTML tags: