We're siding out all the SFM package because your opponent will likely side in artifact hate, so we're countering them in this manner. - “Stoneblade” has been a staple archetype in Legacy for years, and derives its name from the standard decks of old. The 2/1 Wizard — which has been a poster-boy of Modern since its printing — is obviously home in the Azorius shell, as there are a plethora of spells at its disposal. This matchup it's really weird, because they're a combo with lands, so it's very hard to deal with them. We have collected the top Esper Stoneblade Modern decks from the latest tournaments. Esper Stoneblade is one of my favorite decks of all time. Devoted DruidShop Nowcombo 5. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. After that the reach 2 cards in hand, use your Snapcaster aggresively, so Main Phase Snapcaster plus IoK or in your opponent end Snapcaster plus Opt is the correct play, because you've to close the game ASAP after that you've stabilized. We quickly ruled out Devoted Druid, as the resurgence of Jund and other midrange strategies hurt the fragile creat… In this article I will explain how to play this deck and sideboard plan against a variety of the deck in the meta, starting from the previous list, and the odds from my experiece. Titanshift 3. Comments.Feel free to comment here if you wish, but I recommend you do it on my post over in the MTG Modern: Competitive UWx Midrange/Control Community in order to centralize the discussion, and make it easier for our brother’s and sister’s to find the information.. Ok everyone, that’s all for me. What do you think about? stats for deck esper stoneblade - modern. These are my guidelines about the most common decks accordingly to MTGGoldfish. Due to the high power and relatively cheap cost of Stoneforge Mystic, Esper could put its opponents i Instead we put more removal and more card for closing the game. Moreover, with Stony Silence you can shut all the mana rocks/fixer that they play, Matchup odds: preside 60%/40%, post side 70%/30%, Eldratron is another not-so-good matchup, but is better than G-Tron because plays in a more fair way, but we don't understimate them, because T2 Chalice on 1, T3 Thought-Knot Seer and Turn 4 Reality Smasher is still a bad thing! Dredge, with a big question mark. Maindeck 60. Jarvis Yu 280 views. Usually they're going to side artifact hate, in form of Smash to Smithereen, so play carefully your equipment! Formed from the Standard-banned core of Stoneforge Mystic and Jace, the Mind Sculptor, this aggro-control deck used to dominate the top-tables of Legacy events. The key here is to counter their combo pieces: Urza, Thopter, Whir. They have less value engine, with Jace, Teferi at 5 and Snapcaster, so use counters and discards for this cards. facematt. We're the left side on the odds' percentage. But, in Bant Stoneblade, we are attempting to replace instants and sorceries with similar effects attached to bodies. Magic: The Gathering, Wizards of the Coast, and their logos are property of Wizards of the Coast. Anything/Something with Stoneforge MysticShop Now 8. In: +1 Celestial Purge, +1 Fatal Push, +2 Monastery Mentor. Don't forget that Teferi stops cascaded spells! Tron 2. We've 13 cards between discards and removal plus 3 Snapcaster, so it's very likely that they will have always a empty board. Card Kingdom 990.31 - 1031.31 . 150 03-Oct -2020 $988 $355 Singularity: 29%. Stone Blade Entertainment has assembled the world’s top professional game designers, players and developers to create highly addictive games that are easy to learn but with great strategic depth. SHOP. When you use Jace, with first activation use fateseal to get it out of bolt range, Out: -3 Stoneforge Mystic, -1 Batterskull, -1 Sword of Feast and Famine, -1 Enginereed Explosives, -1 Force of Negation, In: +2 Monastery Mentor, +2 Lingering Souls, +1 Celestial Purge, +1 Fatal Push, +1 Supreme Verdict. ... Esper Stoneblade: 0.13%: 31 $868 $304 Esper Control: 0.13%: 31 $841 $354 Bant Stoneblade: 0.12%: 30 I will cover other matchups in another article, because this is already boring even without all the matchup! It plays low-CMC creatures that generate value when they enter the battlefield, and “blinks” them to generate that value over and … More than 23509 Modern Decks from the best pro players and tournaments around the world. JTMS and Stoneforge are so powerful together that the deck has cycled through numerous iterations: deathblade, esper blade, jeskai blade, and the current favorite UW Stoneblade. Channel TomM – Legacy Esper Stoneblade ... the major events and changes in the format—and a new Modern Deckbuilding contest! Esper Stoneblade Bryant Cook vs. JD Nir with Esper Stoneblade March 17 , 2013 Bryant Cook Coverage , Feature Match , Paper Magic , TES , The EPIC Storm , Video Bryant Cook , Esper Stoneblade , JD Nir , StarCityGames , Washington DC We're favored here, because they're a tempo deck and we're a deck full of discards and removal! Esper Stoneblade in Modern! With first Jace activation, try to use fateseal to get him out from bolt range. With discard, counter and removal, this isn't a bad matchup on G1. Play cautiuosly when they have a Death Shadow on board, because they can kill from Outtanowhere! It was actually how an Esper Stoneblade player was able to straight up make his Shardless opponent to fold at the last SCG Legacy Invitational. Stone Blade's Games. A post shared by Top Level Podcast (@toplevelpodcast) on Aug 23, 2020 at 9:54pm PDT “The kind of deck Kenji would play,” according to Patrick (and, let’s be honest, Kenji himself), this deck combines the original core strategy of Azorius StoneBlade with recent standout Shark Typhoon. Out: -3 Stoneforge Mystic, -1 Batterskull, -1 Sword of Feast and Famine, In: +2 Monastery Mentor, +2 Lingering Souls, +1 Celestial Purge. Try to keep your Disdainful for Primeval Titan and get out your Batterskull only if you can protect it with counters! As I said before, you've to close the game ASAP after that you've stabilized, so we remove Thoughtseize because we don't want to damage ourself, and 2 Cryptic Command because it needs 1UUU and for four mana this card does little. Latest Set: Core Set 2020. Whirza 4. With Top banned, control decks have suffered. Yu-Gi-Oh! Matchup odds: preside 45%/55%, post side 55%/45%. ©2019 by joecrujiff. 16. Esper. Once upon a time, Modern was my favorite Constructed format and the only one I played regularly. Against this deck your gameplan could be divided in 2 phases: Phase 1: Try to stay alive until they end the gas. Hello everybody, this is the followup of the previous article where I explained how to build a Esper Stoneblade Deck. Grixis Death Shadow 7. Matchup odds: preside 30%/70%, post side 45%/55%. Don't use Force of Negation against artifact because our opponent could get it back with Karn, so keep your force for countering Karn. They have 8/10 card advantage cards plus 4 virtual advantage cards: 4 Wrenn & Six, 4 Liliana of the Veil and 4 Bloodbraid Elf and 1 or 2 Kolaghan's Command, so with discard spells try to priorityze this cards. We side in more land hate with Surgical, so you can remove Tron lands, after that we side more creature to beat the opponent ASAP. #modern #MTG #esper #Mentor #MTGMentor #Stoneblade #Stoneforge #Mystic #Jace. Modern League. I go over the reasonns why I think Esper Stoneblade is better right now than Esper Control in … Batterskull is a MVP, obviously, so play your mystic only if you can protect her or you're sure that they can't deal with her. By Josh Silvestri / December 10, 2015 October 10, 2019 Wizards unveiled the 2016 GP Promo, and it’s Stoneforge Mystic. I hope you found this helpful. Are you going to give a shot to this deck? Welcome, Guest! Edit Live Edit. Popular Modern Magic: the Gathering decks with prices from the latest tournament results. This is a bad matchup! Don't be afraid to use Force of Negation for countering these kinds of card, specially on Wrenn. Website Template designed by TemplateMonster.com. March 15th, 2020 Gods_Shadow@MTG. (Esper Stoneblade is also known as Esper Stoneblade, Esper Control or WUB Control). Here you have deploy an early threat and then disrupt your opponent till the win. In the month before the GP, we saw the banning of the best-performing decks, and as such had to figure out what we wanted to play. Here you've to fetch carefully, because every point is vital here. CordoTwin (5-0) Decklist Stats Sample Hand. stats for deck esper stoneblade - modern. Latest Sets. Modern Mayhem: Grixis Delver, Jul 15, 2020 Modern Mayhem: Mardu Pyromaniacs, Mar 29, 2020 Modern Mayhem: Gruul Pwnza (Modern, Magic Online), Feb 23, 2020 ... Esper Stoneblade(Modern, Magic Online) (current), Sep 3, 2019 Modern Mayhem: CrimJitsu (Modern, Magic Online), Aug 20, 2019 Cast mentor only if you can get an istant value from it. Proudly created with Wix.com. Our products showcase state-of-the-art development and design features with unmatched game play experiences. Commander 2020 Unsanctioned Theros: Beyond Death Throne of Eldraine Commander 2019 ... Modern: Pod's dead, Bob's back. Core Set 2020 Singles Sealed Product. Become a winner and beat the metagame! Some decks may run their own Stoneforge Mystic package, but the historical Stoneblade decks are UW or Esper Stoneblade (aka Caw-Blade ported to Legacy) and BW Stoneblade. First of all: don't die! bant stoneblade 2020 Modern GWU (Bant) GWUB Stoneblade. Legacy: Lands, Deathblade ... (occasionally dealing with problem threats on board). Burn 6. 2/23/2018 Yanked council's judgement in favor of a search TCGplayer Core Value #5. this is the followup of the previous article where I explained how to build a Esper Stoneblade Deck. At all other times, it’s reactive. Community for All How to play Esper Stoneblade [Modern] Updated: Oct 9, 2019. Path-Snap-Path then start blocking is the only way to fight out from a creature swarm, a line that fares poorly against swaths of tougher beaters. Here Batterskull really shines, because give you a race and lifegain. ... Hareruya - The 17th God of Modern. ... A complete list of the top Modern tier 1 decks updated to November 2020. and its respective properties are © 1996 Kazuki Takahashi © 2017 NAS • TV Tokyo.Privacy Policy • Terms of Service. Stoneblade leans heavily on Batterskull holding the ground. Esper Stoneblade and other Stoneblade variations have been around for a long time ever since the printing of Stoneforge Mystic and Jace, the Mind Sculptor.It has gone through waves of success from being one of the best decks, down to pretty bad, and then back up to good again. I will explain all the card choice and some cards that could be included. Edit. Moreover, their topdeck is better than ours, so after that we stabilized, we need to close the game ASAP, Out: -1 Liliana, the Last Hope, -1 Enginereed Explosives, -2 Fatal Push, -4 Inquisition of Kozilek, -2 Geist of Saint Traft, In: +2 Surgical Extraction, +2 Fulminator Mage, +2 Disdainful Stroke, +2 Monastery Mentor, +1 Supreme Verdict, +1 Disenchant, Here Geist isn't so good, because your opponent creatures are bigger than it; we remove IoK because we're lowering the number of cmc 1 spells, we're removing push because you've always to trigger revolt to get it online, and explosives and Liliana because they're not so good. Share Tweet Share. We don't want to die in first 5 turns, so we side in more early removal. But if you insist on playing control, there are still options. So where should we start with control in modern? Modern Soulherder is a deck built around the “blink” mechanic (that is, exiling a creature then immediately returning it to the battlefield). For the side we put more land hate and surgical, so that we can exile all Valakut. ... 2017 February 19, 2020. Phase 2: Try to kill them before they get more gas to kill you. Jerry, Pat, and Ben discuss the ins and outs of Esper Stoneblade, along with some other builds. Esper Stoneblade Primer [Modern] Updated: Oct 8, 2019. Playtest v1. After that, try to stay always on 6/7 life, because your opponent can kill you with double bolt or BBE + bolt, so pay attention on your life after that treshold. No, it is not as fast or as powerful as Legacy Stoneblade, but it could be solid considering that the core of the deck excluding Jitte is allowed in Modern. These guidelines, by the way, are useful for all midrange decks. In: +2 Monastery Mentor, +2 Lingering Souls, +1 Disenchant. Play carefully, but try to slam a threat with the right timing, because the longer goes the game, more likely they're going to win. Could Stoneforge Mystic Be Unbanned in Modern? Here the plan is similar with tron plan. Signature Spellbook: Gideon ... Modern Horizons Singles Sealed Product. After some discussion, we recognized the potential best decks as: 1. I was not good at it. Stoneblade is primarily counters, and if those don’t line up correctly, it’s just finished. February 24 2020 - Modern Gifts Storm with Andrew Shrout - Duration: 4:11:41. I swapped Force of Will with Force of Negation, which is alright, and the cantrips have to be a little bit less quality because of modern cards that are legal. Keep disdainful stroke if you can for creature and Force of Negation for planeswalker. 10/10/2020 6 of 28 Blade Control: Roberto Sartini: Torneo Medio di Magic - Quarta Edizione: 27/09/2020 8 of 50 Esper Blade: Samuele Dagani: Back DOJO : 30/08/2020 6 of 30 Blade Control: Decoutan: MTGO Legacy Preliminary: 18/08/2020 2 Stoneblade: WhiteFaces: MTGO Legacy Challenge: 27/07/2020 Magic: The Gathering and its respective properties are copyright Wizards of the Coast. Esper Stoneblade by Meryn. NOTE: Metagame % is calculated from the unweighted average of all MTGO leagues, paper T8s/T16s, and GP/PT/Open Day 2s in the date range.Data is tracked in … TCGPlayer 1164.49 - 958.45 . Out: -2 Fatal Push, -2 Drown in the Loch, -1 Enginereed Explosive, -1 Liliana, the Last Hope, -2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor, In: +2 Surgical Extraction, +2 Fulminator Mage, +2 Disdainful Stroke, +2 Monastery Mentor. If you don't have a board but you've a Jace, start to fateseal your opponent and try to kill him with Jace ultimate. - Esper Stoneblade by Cody Lindgelbach: 2nd - Esper Stoneblade by James Wade: 3rd - 4th - Death & Taxes by Michael Beck: 3rd - 4th - Shardless Sultai by Scott Griffen: 5th - 8th - Temur Delver by James Johnson: 5th - 8th - Shardless Sultai by James Nguyen: 5th - 8th - Grixis Delver by Ben Williams: 5th - 8th - Goryo's Vengeance by Thomas Dowd Decklists; Decklists. Sort by: Creature (32) 3 Gravecrawler 4 Hedron Crab 4 Merfolk Secretkeeper 4 Narcomoeba 3 Prized Amalgam 3 Silversmote Ghoul 4 Stitcher's Supplier 3 Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath 4 Vengevine. Because value is the word, we're going to become an Esper Control! [Sign Up], All original content herein is Copyright 2020 TCGplayer, Inc. TCGplayer.com® is a trademark of TCGplayer, Inc. (60 cards, 24 distinct) - Sword of Fire and Ice, Snapcaster Mage, Sword of Light and Shadow, Stoneforge Mystic, Polluted Delta, Flooded Strand, Cryptic Command Out: -1 Liliana, the Last Hope, -1 Enginereed Explosives, -2 Fatal Push, -2 Inquisition of Kozilek, In: +2 Surgical Extraction, +2 Fulminator Mage, +2 Disdainful Stroke. All rights reserved. ... Singles Sealed Product. Esper StoneBlade constructed deck list and prices for the Magic the Gathering TCG. Get out mentor only if you can get value from it, and remember that Prowess triggers even if chalice is on board, Matchup odds: preside 35%/65%, postside 50%/50%. If you manage the early tirns, than you're likely able to get the win, but you've to be aware of their big boys, so try to stay open with counter for them. I stopped playing Modern in the midst of 2016’s Eldrazi Winter. Remember that they play stubborn denial, so play wisely around it and don't let them to counter your answer! $988 $355 2nd Players: 25 Matchup odds: preside 45%/55%, post side 65%/35%. Matchup odds: preside 50%/50%, post side 60%/40%. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. If you can, turn 2 SFM with a Force of Negation as a backup is the play, because a t3 batterskull could be a nice threat. Here it's like Jund, but simplier! 29%. [Login] Format: Modern. Obviously don't let resolve opponent Batterskull, because it's a very hard issue if it hits the battlefield. I came back recently because of Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Share Article. Hello everybody, today I will talk you about my favourite deck in Modern: Esper Stoneblade, with a decklist created and tuned by myself. ... HarryMTG plays Modern Stoneblade League - Duration: 1:50:55. harrymtg 2,325 views. Posted in MTGO Standings on August 4, 2020 . Updated Oct 03, 2019 by jaymc1130 using our MTG Deck Builder. No portion of this website may be used without expressed written consent. esper stoneblade. Out: -1 Liliana, the Last Hope, -1 Enginereed Explosives, -1 Path to Exile, In: +2 Surgical Extraction, +1 Stony Silence, So, they're a combo deck, so exiling all combo pieces from the deck is the right way to deal with them. I’ve only played him once in Constructed, with a borrowed Esper Stoneblade deck back in 2012. Good luck out there in magic and in life! Tom Martell tests some Legacy on Magic Online with Esper Stoneblade! decks tournaments metagame users sign up try the mtgo importer. A bit of a work in progress, particularly the sideboard. I can't remember which one it was, but I remember an SCG open where a Maverick deck was called "G/W Stoneblade." Last Modified On: 9/2/2019 Market Median Low $1,151.03 $1,314.03 $928.29 Buy This Deck! So, here you've to be careful on Chalice and Karn. Upvote 0. Commander 2019 Singles Sealed Product. Try to keep your counter for Primeval Titan and Scapeshift, and don't forget that Valakuts' trigger check the number of mountains twice, so after that your opponent has put all the trigger on the stack, you can destroy a shockland and hope that your opponent doesn't have other basic mountain! Pay attention on their T3feri, because he shuts down your instant and not be afraid on casting SFM on turn 2, because you can cast Batterskull in the late game. Esper Stoneblade for Modern. Here you can read the same suggestion made for Jund, because the matchup it's very similar, with the only difference that Stoneblade doesn't run discard.