Am I the only person that is annoyed at how MGSV/ GZ is the only game in Steam that is all capital letters? To get the tapes back, you must return to where you originally found them and pick them up again. Afghan/African Lullaby - One of each exists in both open-world maps. The Afghan Lullaby. NOT NEEDED Cassette Tape: Afghan Lullaby Mission Task I: Extract the captive engineer. Afghan Lullaby. 84% Upvoted. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Theme. Use the other pinned thread to discuss story spoilers. Look for a partially complete building and head down into the basement to recover the track. Mission Task V: Secure the blueprint at Wakh Sind Barracks. If Quiet's buddy bond score is low, and the player zooms in on her boobs while riding in the Airborne Command Center, she will respond by giving you a dirty look. This cassette is located in Wakh Sind Barracks. They do indeed destroy themselves after you use them once to put enemies to sleep. Use to instantly put any guards in the surrounding area straight to sleep. Place: Wakh Sind Barracks - Mission 5 Location: In the basement of an incomplete building near the target. I've seen people mention this cassette tape before, but I haven't seen it in action. This article is about a fictional representation of a real world subject. Afghan Lullaby This short but sweet little ditty can be recovered from the Wakh Sind Barracks. share. This fucking game I swear. Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: All the Sun Touches. You can even fucking play "bear growling" sounds to scare guards away. Here's where to find it and how it's used. 4 comments. MOD EDIT:Spoiler policy for this topic: Absolutely NO story discussion spoilers in this thread. There are two tapes that put enemies to sleep when played on the speaker: “Afghan Lullaby” and “African Lullaby”. Another tape called "Afghan Lullaby" makes soldiers fall asleep if they hear it coming from the iDroid's speaker. Place: Munoko ya Nioka Station Location: The green tents to the south near the enemies.It's the tent that's the most open and more canopy-like; follow the sound. Afghan Lullaby. (needs a replay for Mission Task IV) save hide report. -Afghan lullaby will make afghan soldiers fall asleep (also works on puppet soldiers)-African lullaby will make african soldiers fall asleep (also works on puppet soldiers)-Play the "Soldier Eliminated" in the right country while you're out of sight to stop an alert status (Not sure if it … All the Sun Touches Depending on how you choose to take on missions, soldiers will adapt to counter it. Mission Task II: Fulton extract the engineer through the hole in the facility's basement ceiling. Place: Wakh Sind Barracks - Mission 5 Location: In the basement of an incomplete building near the target. This thread is archived. MGSV Spoilers. Playing the African/Afghan lullaby tapes out of your iDroid's speakers will put nearby guards to sleep, and playing tapes of enemies saying "Enemy Down!" I probably am the only one haha :') User #334000 6975 posts. in their language will end an alert. Behind the Drapery - Ludvig Forssell wonderJboy. – Rory O'Kane Oct 23 '18 at 14:42 New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Find the unfinished building and head down to the basement to recover “Afghan Lullaby” ... Just get through the first series of events in MGSV and claim your prize. Afghanistan, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a land-locked mountainous country located in Central and South Asia, bordered by Pakistan in the east and south, Iran in the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, and Zanzibar Land and China in the northeast.