Stir in the Chocolate jello shots can be an excellent addition to a festive occasion like a birthday party. This delicious Strawberry Vodka Cocktail is a perfect treat to end a long busy day or refresh yourself on a hot summers' day. Everyone will be asking for this yummy jello shot recipe! (Or, in the Strawberry Vodka Recipe below, I have instructions for turning this into a liqueur with simple syrup.) Too huge and they can’t be eaten in one bite. Jello Shots take only about 5 minutes of prep (and an hour or so to chill). Jul 21, 2020 - Explore Pamela O'Dell's board "Strawberry vodka drinks" on Pinterest. Combine a small package of strawberry gelatin and 1 cup of water. Boil water in microwave, about 2-3 minutes. Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding Shots Recipe If you would like tasty instructions on how to make pudding shots, start with this fabulous Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding Shots Recipe! Stir mixture and remove from the heat. SMIRNOFF strawberry Vodka Infused with Natural Flavors. How to Make Strawberry Jello Shots. Strawberry Lemonade Jell-O Shots. Let chill overnight. Pour into shot glasses and chill for a few hours or until mixture is firm. This Homemade Strawberry Vodka Recipe is a low carb cocktail option, as well as KETO!! 1/2 cup cold ginger ale. How to Make Jello Shots: What You’ll Need: (2) 3-ounce boxes of Strawberry Jell-O; Simply pair with soda water, lemonade, or cranberry juice for a quick & easy cocktail. Strawberry Vodka Shots. Remove the jello shots from the chiller. Strawberry vodka, just like any other vodka infusion, and can be done with vodka and fresh strawberries alone.Many people have found that adding a little sweetener helps with this particular flavor (technically making it a liqueur). How to Make Cheesecake Pudding Shots. 2. Add vodka and cold water, 1/2 cup each, to the mixing bowl. Pour 125ml tomato juice, 50ml vodka, 1 tbsp lemon juice and 25ml sweet sherry into the shaker then add ¼ tsp Worcestershire sauce, a few drops of hot sauce and a pinch each of salt, black pepper, celery salt and fennel seeds. Empty the Strawberry Jell-O package into a large glass measuring cup with a pouring spout and top with one cup of boiling water. Get more vodka mixed drink ideas here. SECOND STEP: Once boiling, add in jello gelatin mix and whisk until completely dissolved. Stir until ice melts and mixture starts to thicken; pour over cream cheese mixture layer. Perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties, New Year’s Eve, and any other occasion where you want to feel especially bright and festive, these tasty little shots are ready to party! These vodka shots are easy to make using store bought lemonade! This is amazing with whip cream vodka. The vodka will come through in the shots and you want a vodka that’s smoother. Another favorite is the Peach Vodka for peach jello shots. Start building the drink by adding a small spoonful of strawberry puree to the bottom of a shot glass. Chill shots for at least 30 minutes. An Easy Vodka Shot Recipe For Parties Truth is, I went and picked some strawberries the other day. Pour boiling water over jello and whisk until jello is completely dissolved. These aren’t the Jell-O shots of your college days. These pudding shots taste just like a strawberry cheesecake. A 1-quart mason jar will fit a full 750ml (25-ounce) bottle of vodka.The jar holds 32 ounces, so this extra space should be a perfect allowance for the berries. The taste and aroma are mesmerizing #strawberry #Vodka #cocktail #drink #puree #fresh … How to Make Jello Shots. If you want it sweet, you can even add a little of my Keto Simple Syrup made with Erythritol, which we keep right there. I like to get fresh produce for all our drink pictures and it seemed like the best way to do that for strawberries was to go and pick … Just coat the bottom with chocolate so they can stand sturdy! Mix together the pudding mix per the package instructions, using milk, vodka and strawberry syrup. Try infusing your regular vodka with delicious strawberries and watch the magic surround you. Strawberry Shots- Use fresh strawberries as a tasty shot glass for vodka shots! See more ideas about Strawberry vodka, Fun drinks, Yummy drinks. Allow the pudding to set until thick, then fold in whipped topping. Vodka Jello Shots are the perfect fun, fruity (adults only) touch to any summer celebration! Nov 12, 2017 - Explore Lisa Keyes's board "Strawberry vodka" on Pinterest. For this one, we’re using strawberry Jello, champagne and Kinky Red Liqueur.If you haven’t heard of or tried this, it’s a vodka infusion with watermelon and strawberry. Get Recipe You can ball park it or get fancy bar tender equipment. Fill strawberries as full as you can. Svedka makes a Strawberry Lemonade flavor that goes great with strawberry jello. Find Near Me. Stir in 1/2 cup rum, 1/4 cup Grand Marnier™ (or triple sec) and 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lime juice. Remove pan from the stove and pour the mixture into a separate pour-able container. Pour a 3-ounce box of gelatin mix into a mixing bowl. Svedka Vodka comes in a ton of different flavors and it’s easy to match them up with the same jello flavors. The strawberry gives it a thicker texture than a normal shot. How to Make Gelatin Shots. I think Valentine's Day is another time I always think of this drink. 3/4 cups cold champagne. If you are looking for … Boil 1 cup of water on the stovetop. Mmmmm pudding shots! To make jello shots, make glasses out of strawberries and fill them with a combination of gelation and vodka. 40 large strawberries. One 1/4-ounce envelope unflavored gelatin. You can even serve these delicious shots at parties for your kids. Making jello shots is pretty simple: you are basically taking your usual recipe but adding in alcohol. An easy combo of Jell-o, water and vodka make a perfectly slurpable cocktail shot! In a large pot add 6 ounces of water and bring to a boil. 1/4 cup sugar. Place in the freezer and allow to chill for 30+ minutes These smooth and yummy pudding shots are great to serve at parties, tailgating, and more! Top with equal amounts of cake vodka and Tequila Rose. Pour the vodka and St-Germain into a bowl and sprinkle the half-package of unflavored gelatin over it. Next, pour in 6 ounces of vodka. Smirnoff Strawberry is infused with natural strawberry flavor for a juicy berry finish. Smirnoff Strawberry is Kosher Certified and gluten free. Strawberry Jello Shots with Pop Rocks. Let cool completely, then add vodka. Heat on the stove until the gelatin has dissolved. Jello Shot Tips If making multiple jello shot flavors boil several cups of water at a time and then pour 1 cup of boiling water into a large glass measuring cup . better vodka, and they’re also poured into lemon wedges instead of plastic cups for a grownup twist on the party staple. Prep: 10 mins Serves: 1 Put a handful of ice into a large cocktail shaker. Too small and you’ll only get a few drops of jello inside. Add the strawberry-flavored gelatin mix to the boiling water and stir for 2-3 minutes, until the powder is completely dissolved. Deselect All. Prepare the shot cups. YAY!! For these pineapple jello shots the Svedka Mango Pineapple Vodka is the perfect match. These cocktail treats doesn't need to be stirred nor shaken. 3 oz strawberry jello; Instructions. See more ideas about Summer drinks, Yummy drinks, Drinks. Give it a quick stir to get the strawberry mixed in. Dress up a regular gelatin recipe by adding vodka or rum and other liqueur goodies for any adult party or gathering. Spiked Strawberry Lemonade Shots are a delicious drink to serve up at your next party! Mix strawberry gelatin and 1/4 cup boiling water together in a bowl; stir well and add remaining 1/2 cup vodka and ice cubes. Once you’ve washed them, trim 1/4 inch off the bottoms and tops — this is to ensure they stand upright later on: Stir to dissolve the powder, then stir in the vodka… 1 3-oz box strawberry-flavored gelatin; 1 cup boiling water; 1/4 cup cold water; 3/4 cup Pinnacle Cake Flavored Vodka; 17 or so 1-1/4 oz paper cups; Lay out your paper cups on a tray. Strawberry Shortcake Gelatin Shots. Stir until completely dissolved, then let it sit for 5 minutes. Mint leaves, for garnish Crayons & Cravings makes them with fresh fruit and (hopefully!) The secret to making strawberry jello shots is finding ripe, medium-sized strawberries. These strawberry margarita jello shots are a fun twist on a classic cocktail favorite, and they’re sure to be a huge hit with all of your party guests! FIRST STEP: In a small pan, bring one cup of water to a boil. Bloody Mary. #cocktails #valentinesday #shotglass Rose Recipes Strawberry Shots Hippie Juice Drinks Alcohol Recipes Chocolate Tequila Shot Recipes Tequila Drinks Tequila Rose Rose Drink Add in 3 ounces of strawberry jello and stir gently, using a whisk. This can be either a glass measuring cup or a small pitcher. I ♥ summer, so naturally Strawberry Lemonade Jello Shots HAVE to be on the 5 Rock Your Socks Jello Shots list. Scroll down for the printable cheesecake pudding shot recipe. 1 large box strawberry Jello 1 cup boiling water 1 cup chilled vodka (I keep mine in the freezer.) Deliver to Me. Mix Jello until it dissolves.